About us

OpenFren is a web3 partnership community with an add-to-earn model and NFT identities. Users earn $PTR by contributing to the platform and their NFT characters evolve based on how they behave. The NFTs are created and drawn by artists who worked at the studio that brought you Rick and Morty.

The project is led by an all-star team with decades of experience in data, partnerships, and community at some of the world's most innovative companies.

Jubair Jalil

Partnership Expert

Built an award-winning agency that brokered partnerships for 1/6th of the Fortune 500

Community Scaling Expert

Built an online community with 1 Million+ users


Mo Jalil

ML & AI Expert

15+ years of experience & built Goldman Sachs’ $40B/year OTC trading engine

Industry Expert

Built the award-winning agency alongside Jubair


NFT Utility

OpenFren NFTs = Access + Identity

NFTs as an access token
  • Access to select subcommunities.
  • Access to discounts on select types of data.
  • Boosts to $PTR earned on OpenFren.com.
  • Access to exclusive community events.
NFTs as an identity token that evolves
  • Just like in real-life, your identity can evolve based on how you behave and contribute to the community. There are distinct evolution paths that unlock both new aesthetics as well as new and unique platform benefits.

Deal Room: An Exclusive Membership Club

A digital soho-house connecting you with your peers.
  • Meet other Founding Frens in the club.
  • Connect with other directors and senior managers & even successful founders.
  • The Deal Room is the perfect place to find potential deal partners, mentors, and to meet genuinely interesting people!

Characters and Rarities

Every NFT in this collection is one of a kind! OpenFren characters are based on office roles, divided into a subsection of occupation and industry. When it comes to occupation, it’s based on 6 top level categories:
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Product
  • Finance
  • Operations
  • Legal
Each character will have 3 levels of rarities:
  • Rare: 93.33% of the collection
  • Legendary: 6.4% of the collection
  • Mythical: 0.27% of the collection

Rarity can be differentiated by the card outline color, as well as the number and level of customizations. For example, a Rare NFT may have a yellow outline and a few accessories, while a Mythical NFT may have a purple outline and extravagant accessories and outfit.



OpenFren: Founding Frens Collection

Launch Deal Room: An Executive Members Club.


IEO for $PTR

List $PTR on a major exchange.


EARN Platform

EARN $PTR for contributing data.


NFT Platform Integration

Activate boosts for NFT Premium users and unlock platform discounts for data.


NFT Collection 2

Release new limited edition NFTs.


OpenFren Mobile

Launch a mobile app.


OpenFren Score

Enable OpenFren score, a rating that businesses can display on their websites.


OpenFren API

Access OpenFren API data using $PTR with discounts for Premium NFT holders.